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OptiNet Applications – A Review of the Unique Requirements for Facility Monitoring System
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Indoor Environmental Quality

OptiNet Application

Maintaining a high quality indoor environment starts with the requirement of actually knowing what is going on throughout your facility. By continuously monitoring IEQ conditions, the OptiNet system provides close to “real time” awareness of any potential quality variances.

Every precaution and proactive measure needs to be taken in order to continuously provide a safe building environment. But most of all, all monitoring needs to be accurate. To properly assess ventilation performance, OptiNet senses and analyzes a variety of crucial parameters. That way you know your buildings are working at their peak and so are your occupants.

The OptiNet system collects an array of data within a facility on a continuous basis, including:

  • Temperature – Provides accurate thermal comfort in compliance with ASHRAE standards.
  • Dewpoint, Relative Humidity – Controls moisture levels and prevents the growth of harmful microbials and moulds that can destroy sensitive documents and make the environment uncomfortable for occupants.
  • Carbon Dioxide – Supplies just the right amount of ventilation to balance CO2 levels in the air while reducing energy costs and increasing health and safety.
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds – Reduces hazardous levels of compounds emanating from everyday sources such as gasoline, paint solvents, combustion byproducts, etc. This helps improve health and safety levels in research labs, and increases preservation efforts in libraries, museums, art galleries and archives.
  • Small Particles – Monitors particles in critical environments, like hospitals, in order to lower concentrations of pollutants that act as physical irritants and put people at risk for infectious diseases.
  • Carbon Monoxide – Prevents this potentially dangerous colourless, odourless and tasteless gas produced by the incomplete combustion of carbon fuels.

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