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OptiNet Application

With the OptiNet System from AirGenuity you don’t have to sacrifice occupant safety, comfort or productivity to make your commercial facility’s ventilation more energy efficient. AirGenuity’s smart, centralized suite of sensors can be set up for a wide variety of applications and buildings.

Demand Control Ventilation (DCV)

OptiNet® systems are the superior solution for DCV applications. The required number of CO2 sensors is reduced with our centralized suite of sensors. And that means improving system accuracy and energy efficiency while significantly lowering life cycle costs. The OptiNet system provides a unique healthy DCV solution by also measuring particulates and Total Volatile Organic Compounds to control ventilation based on overall IEQ.
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Laboratory DCV

On average, laboratories exchange air 8-10 times/hour with 100% outside air. That consumes large amounts of energy. The OptNet system adjusts ventilation rates based on the actual environmental needs of labs. This is achieved by non-stop monitoring for CO2, Total Volatile Organic Compounds, and particulates. By providing more airflow when needed, our approach addresses safety, energy efficiency, and lower energy cost. With a typical ROI of 2 years or less, AirGenuity’s lab DCV solution makes business and environmental sense.
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Economizer control

The unique OptiNet system greatly improves economizer control. That’s because with AirGenuity solutions, sensors are not exposed to outside elements to measure air and humidity levels. In fact, the outside air is brought to sensors that are centrally located indoors. This allows for the use of higher quality relative humidity sensors and the hassle-free regular calibration to maintain optimum performance.
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LEED® / EPA certification

OptiNet is designed to improve a building’s energy performance while improving indoor air quality. In this way, AirGenuity can help you achieve LEED credits for Indoor Air Quality, Energy and Atmosphere as outlined by the Canada Green Building Council.
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Air Monitoring

Based on any number of environmental parameters, OptiNet systems provide accurate measurements, analysis and reports. OptiNet system is the ideal solution to verify tightly controlled and potentially inaccessible environments (humidity levels, particulate levels, etc.).
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