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Cooling, heating and ventilation of non-residential buildings accounts for 18% of all primary energy end use in Canada. And, with energy costs continually on the rise, one thing is certain – now is definitely the time to minimize your carbon footprint with cost-efficient intelligent airflow solutions from AirGenuity.

Today’s solutions for tomorrow’s energy savings

Designed for a wide range of commercial, institutional, and laboratory building applications, AirGenuity’s innovative airside solutions deliver significant energy savings. Our airside performance analysis allows building owners and property managers to take immediate action needed for energy savings today… and tomorrow.


  • Sustainability
    Discover how AirGenuity solutions easily complement and enhance your existing sustainability initiatives.
  • Retrofitting
    See how you can reduce your carbon footprint and get immediate energy savings by incorporating AirGenuity systems into existing facilities.
  • New construction
    Plan on energy savings and first cost reductions by designing AirGenuity right into new builds.


  • Universities & colleges
    AirGenuity solutions make reduction of greenhouse gas emissions a reality across your entire campus.
  • Life sciences
    Lab ventilation rates can be safely reduced by 15% - 40% with AirGenuity systems.
  • Commercial
    Higher tenant satisfaction and occupancy rates are increased with the ability of AirGenuity solutions to make buildings more environmentally friendly.
  • K - 12 Schools
    AirGenuity assists school boards to lower energy costs while improving the learning environment.
  • Government
    From municipal to federal, AirGenuity helps all levels of governments reduce costs, carbon emissions and energy usage of buildings.
  • Healthcare
    AirGenuity systems help give you healthier Indoor Environmental Quality while increasing energy efficiency.
  • Public buildings
    AirGenuity can help provide the right environmental levels of public assembly buildings like convention centres, sports complexes and airport terminals.
  • Special purpose
    Critical indoor environmental conditions of special purpose buildings can be easily managed and maintained with AirGenuity solutions.

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