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Aircuity Advisor Program

With so much information being generated about a facility’s performance, building managers can certainly feel snowed under with data. AirGenuity Advisor is a suite of tools that analyzes, organizes, displays, and prioritizes the vast amounts of data being produced by building management systems. This helps managers to determine energy efficiency or interpret issues that may be hampering the performance of their facility.

Advisor information visualization

Taking full advantage of rich Internet application technology, Advisor generates visual reporting dashboards that provide succinct indoor environment summaries. If needed, the "drill-down" functionality facilitates progressively more in-depth levels of detail can be accessed to uncover information patterns. As a result, you can quickly make precise determinations about facility performance, no matter how large or the number of zones.

Lab and office DCV performance

Knowing and understanding your building’s performance at all times is extremely crucial for maintaining healthy and safe environments. AirGenuity Advisor provides measurement and validation tools for laboratory or office DCV applications to give you a simple reference point for energy efficiency or Indoor Environmental Quality. And, if needed, you can also easily access advanced M&V reporting to evaluate results.

Baseline performance comparisons

You get an instant comparison between the measured criteria being monitored over a pre-determined period (days, weeks, months, years). This is achieved by overlaying the current values on to historical data.

Scheduled summaries

A high-level summary, along with a link to the analytical dashboard, is emailed to users based on a pre-determined schedule.

Diagnose ventilation performance

  • Identifies and presents opportunities for large savings at the AHU and zone levels.
  • Lab Air Change Rate Performance – Identifies differences between specified and actual performance values. This helps point potential issues concerning heating and cooling, commissioning issues with the ventilation controls, or concerns with the way occupants are utilizing each space.
  • AHU filtration performance based on OptiNet particle measurements.
  • Provides Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) performance information.
  • Using CO2 values, the ventilation performance of each building location monitored by the OptiNet system is measured against ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation standards and is organized by AHU. This gives you the unique ability to view ventilation flow and balancing issues throughout every zone regardless of the facility size. This helps you to significantly lower your ventilation costs, while maintaining ventilation requirements.

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